How I've come this far I don't know
I never ask for this in the first place
What we've done wrong
I would like to know

I've been through all paths
I've become everything
Made every possible choice
Flying on golden wings

My intentions were pure, but beware of what you wish
Come on this journey with me through time and reality

The absolution is taking us to the end
But still we're searching for a sign
Dead pale grey sky announcing the fall of men
The fall of men

Embrace vanity, boost your ego
Become the hunt of perfection
Flood your brain with information
Cheap words with nothing really to say

Reset the values, improve your beliefs
Get amplified with great machinery
Inject your soul with self destruction
Just forget about your fucking personality

Far behind on the way I left my humanity
I look deep into the mirror but I don't recognize what I see

What we were, what we are, what we will be
Through time, and space….


from What We Were - What We Are - What We Will Be, released October 20, 2016


tags: metal Almería


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Nexus Almería, Spain

Born under the unforgiving sun of Almería, Spain, Nexus is a modern heavy metal band that mixes the attack and catchiness of melodic death metal bands of the early 2000s with modern progressive sensibilities resulting in an eclectic yet uncompromising sonic assault that merges evocative electronics with crushing downtuned riffing. ... more

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