Walking embraced to the shadows
Some of them just kick you out
They abscond when you offer your fire
Don't follow them

They're still in the ground
You'll see how fast the peaks are crossed
The horizon makes you sink down
If you stay with me

We will cross the sky
Find ourselves at the end
We'll forgive our scars
Take them away

The longest line ends in your fear
The vanishing points let you forbid

Rise up, rise up
Tear down the streetlights
Fuel your flame and flash
Run out, run out
Escape through the lines that fade
Making the way for shunt

Rise up, there is nothing left under your feet
It's time to change
Run out, because the new way you are
Will break the way

The mixture of colours turns up
Giving a sense for the emptiness

We were betrayed by the roots that link the equilibrium
Between holding you down and making you feel out of gravity

The longest line ends in your fear
The vanishing points let you forbid


from What We Were - What We Are - What We Will Be, released October 20, 2016


tags: metal Almería


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Nexus Almería, Spain

Born under the unforgiving sun of Almería, Spain, Nexus is a modern heavy metal band that mixes the attack and catchiness of melodic death metal bands of the early 2000s with modern progressive sensibilities resulting in an eclectic yet uncompromising sonic assault that merges evocative electronics with crushing downtuned riffing. ... more

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